Steel Buildings: Perfect for Building a Boathouse

blog-boat-1If you own a boat, you know a boathouse is a must to keep it safe from the elements when you are not using it (as well as ensure that it is properly secured). Your first thought will go towards building a boat house from wood, but is this the right choice?

Disadvantages of a Wooden Boathouse

Before you go and splurge your money on a wooden boathouse, think about the longevity and durability of the structure. Wooden boathouses may look strong, but they are extremely susceptible to rot. Remember, your boathouse will be close to the water source and hence, the surroundings will always be humid and moist regardless of the weather. Under these wet and humid conditions, you can be certain your wooden boathouse will fall to pieces within no time and leave you fuming and alarmed.

So what alternative do you have? Look no further than a steel boathouse. Building a boat house from steel not only ensures the structure is strong and durable, you can rest assured it will have a much longer lifespan compared to a wooden one. Furthermore, a steel boathouse allows you to capture the same aesthetics that a wooden one possesses. So, you will never be making any type of compromise.

Advantages of Building a Boat House with Steel

  • Protection from Elements: Forget using tarpaulin to protect your expensive boat. Tarpaulin does not offer enough protection to boats from the elements. On the other hand, if you choose a steel metal structure, you can easily secure your boat in the structure and keep it away from snow, sleet, ice, rain and high winds. This way, you will be protecting your hobby and investment to the maximum.
  • Storage Space: When you own a boat, you will have many accessories, such as life jackets, fishing rods, fuel cans and paddles. Under normal circumstances, you would store these items in your garage or basement. However, when you have dedicated space for your boat, you can ensure it is big enough to store these accessories as well. This is because steel boathouses can be customized to suit your needs and this allows you to store everything you need for the water in a single location.
  • Cost-effective: Steel is not expensive like wood and you can actually build a better quality and sturdier boathouse using steel, and at a lower price. The cost-effectiveness of steel is not that well-known and this is the reason why so many boat owners do not resort to building a boat house with steel.
  • Deterring Theft: A steel boathouse is undoubtedly more secure than a wooden boathouse. The sturdy and strong walls and the ability to lock the doors keeps away thieves as well as vandals.
  • Better Insurance Rate: The moment you inform your insurance company that you have a steel boathouse, you will find your premiums reducing. Building a boat house from steel means you are housing your boat securely and this is viewed favourably by insurance companies. As a result, you get a discount and the overall cost of your insurance comes down.
  • Low Maintenance without Compromising Aesthetics: Many boat owners think steel boathouses cannot look beautiful. On the contrary, you never have to worry about aesthetics, as the structure can be customized and designed to suit your taste and requirements. In addition, you will not be spending money every year to repaint the structure or protect it from rot, decay and termites, like you would be doing for a wooden boathouse. Furthermore, steel boathouses are known to be extremely durable and strong. The onetime investment you spend to build the boathouse will be the only expense you will have for years to come.

Unlike a wooden boathouse that requires lumber and therefore cutting down of trees, a steel boathouse is eco-friendly and does not harm the environment in any way whatsoever. So, not only will you be keeping your investment safe, you also will be reducing your carbon footprint. If you are thinking of building a boat house, be a wise and intelligent boat owner and opt for a steel boathouse.

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