Steel Arch Buildings: Affordable and Highly Useful

blog-steel-arch-1The need for additional structures is steadily increasing, and not just for industry. More and more, we are seeing homeowners adding buildings to their property for a variety of uses: garages, workshops, studios and more. In both the commercial sector and amongst private residences, steel arch buildings are quickly becoming the structure of choice. Historically, they were used for military purposes – in fact, they are commonly referred toas Quonset Huts, named after the Quonset Point Military Base. Today, their application has become much broader. Below are some reasons why this is the case.


As a product, steel has a consistent price, which can’t be said for many other building materials. Furthermore, because steel arch buildings can be ordered directly from the manufacturer (as opposed to a wholesaler), they are offered at factory direct pricing. Cutting out the wholesaler drives the cost down, and this in turn lowers the cost to the consumer. Furthermore, steel arch buildings are often more cost effective than rigid frame architecture, which is particularly appealing to DIY-type homeowners.

Flexible application

Steel arch buildings are appropriate for a wide variety of uses, both industrial and otherwise. Most commonly, they are used in the agricultural industry, but they have become increasingly popular for homeowners who desire additional storage, workshop or garage space. Offered in a range of sizes and styles, steel arch buildings are well-suited for various applications.

Easy to build

In essence, constructing and erecting a steel building only requires some fastening of prefabricated parts. There is no need to hire outside help, and the simplicity of the design allows anyone with even minor DIY skills to put the structure up very quickly. Furthermore, they can typically be constructed without heavy machinery or equipment, and with very simple tools, which means almost anyone can do it at very little cost.

Clear span

Typically, steel arch buildings do not contain and interior posts, trusses or support beams. This makes them ideal for uses where large, open interior space is required. This is one of the reasons that they are so popular for agricultural use, such as storage of grain and crops. The shape of the structure also gives it strength, without the need for additional support beams.

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