Steel Airplane Hangar: Things to Consider When Building

Steel Airplane HangarA steel airplane hangar can be constructed quickly and easily, offering the security and functionality that is required from such an important building. The use of steel provides stability and strength, while also offering security, durability, and weather resistance.

When designing and building a steel airplane hangar there are a number of factors that must be considered to ensure the benefits of the building. Choosing appropriate dimensions, ensuring that the building is properly wired, and offering secure but easy access are just some of these factors.


Obviously, a steel airplane hangar needs to provide adequate room for the plane or planes that you wish to house in it. Consider the height, the room required for turning and moving the plane, and any additional room for ramps, stairs, and even the tools and other items that will be stored and kept with the plane.

As well as considering the overall size of the hangar, you should also determine the required size of the doors while ensuring that the design of the hangar is as open as possible. Too many support columns, or columns placed in inappropriate places may mean that you do not have the space that you require.


A steel airplane hangar needs to be tall enough that the plane can comfortably be transported in, and kept without danger of the tail and other components hitting the roof, or the roof construction. Again, it is important to consider the steel airplane hangar doors, and this may require a taller building than you originally anticipated.

Electrical Wiring

You will require electrical systems and powered systems inside the hangar, and if the building that you have constructed does not incorporate a power system, then it needs to offer secure and safe housing for electrical wiring. Steel offers the benefit that it won’t allow rain or snow through, but safety and security should still be paramount. A loose wire can easily become snagged, or can cause a hazard, putting everybody in your steel airplane hangar in danger.


Steel is a robust and durable material, but it may require additional insulation, especially to keep the electrical and mechanical components of modern planes in the best possible condition. The walls and roof of the hangar can be built to accommodate insulation, ensuring the comfort and safety of the planes and those that work inside.


Access is an important issue. While you don’t want anybody to be able to enter or exit the building whenever they want, you will need to ensure that there are suitable access points for people as well as the planes. Choose from a variety of bi-fold, single-fold, and multiple-fold doors for the main hangar door, and do ensure that you include standard, single or double doors, so that the crew, workers, maintenance staff, and visitors can enter and exit the steel airplane hangar.

Building A Steel Airplane Hangar

A steel airplane hangar is typically chosen for its durability and strength, but it also offers flexibility in its design. You can create a building that matches your dimensional requirements, has appropriate housing for electrical wires and systems, and that offers secure access to all that require it. You can also add insulation as well as other equipment to help ensure that your planes remain in the best possible condition.

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