Reasons to Consider a DIY Steel Building Home Kit

Reasons to Consider a DIY Steel Building Home Kit

While choosing to live in a metal structure may seem odd to those who are more accustomed to brick and wooden homes, there are many benefits to choosing this material. For many years, companies have chosen to build many warehouses, shops, and recreational facilities out of steel because of the advantages it provides. Some of these are as follows:

Prefabricated Pieces – Utilizing a prefabricated structure means your building will be finished when you expect it to be. Wooden or brick construction can often go over the original timeline. A steel building has its pieces fabricated in a warehouse before they are shipped to you to build. This means that they’re more efficient and faster to build.

Eco-Conscious – Selecting a steel building is an eco-friendly option when compared to wood. Wooden structures can cause deforestation while steel buildings are often made using recycled materials and results in less construction waste. The roof of a steel building is also excellent to place solar panels on.

Low Maintenance – A metal structure requires less maintenance than those made of more traditional materials. They are not affected by pests like termites and are more resistant to weather events like high winds, flooding, and heavy snowfall. Structures from Future Buildings also come with a 30-year warranty against rust perforation.

High Resilience – Steel is a strong material and is resilient to things like rot, mold, mildew, and pests. Steel is also more consistent than other materials, meaning it can be of higher quality and be a more uniform size and shape.

Differences in Load Bearing – When building a wooden structure, the walls carry the majority of the load. This means that there are restrictions in the interior space, and walls can’t easily be removed without considering where the weight will be shifted to. When using steel, the weight is carried on the outside frame and perimeter, meaning you can customize the interior how you like it, including having completely open space.

Long Lasting – A metal roof is a more durable option than traditional shingles. This will result in less money and time spent on maintenance and not needing to pay roofers for any re-shingling work.

Corrosion – Over time, wood will deteriorate. Rain, wind, and the elements can damage the wood. Steel and metal buildings, on the other hand, are treated with a zinc alloy hot dipped coating to increase their resistance to corrosion.

Variety of Colours – There are multiple options available when it comes to selecting the colour for your steel home. The endwalls and trim can be coloured to suit other buildings around you.

Contractor Work – When constructing a home from traditional materials, you will require a team of contractors, subcontractors and professionals to build it. This can lead to issues and make it difficult to know who to contact if something comes up. When constructing a metal building, the Future Buildings design team will work with you to make sure that your steel home is engineered properly, and will be available to you during and after the build process in case you have any questions.

Temperature Control – We keep our homes warm in the winter and cooler in the summer to maintain a comfortable temperature. However, this can lead to high utility bills. Having a steel building can help to lower these bills. The quality insulation used in steel buildings means it retains a lot of heat during the winter. Metal panels on the roof reflect the sun in summer, helping to lower the internal temperature. The benefits of steel help to reduce the utility bills you pay month to month.

Consider A Steel Building for Your Home

While it may seem unconventional, there are many advantages to choosing to use steel for your next home. If you are interested in learning more about how a steel home can benefit you, get in touch with us by filling out our online form to request a quote or call us directly at 1-800-668-5111 to speak to an expert for your region.

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