Steel Building Types Offered by Future Buildings

At Future Buildings, we offer a variety of buildings that can be used in many applications and industries. Whether personal or commercial, our structures are perfect for your needs. Each building is prefabricated to allow for ease of assembly, made using top quality materials, and created to fit your unique project.

Agricultural: Choosing to build your barn with steel is a great choice. Highly customizable, durable, and reliable, you can count on a steel barn from Future Buildings to protect your crops, livestock, and equipment. Our unique clear span design provides ample interior space, and steel provides resistance to things like mold and pests.

steel barn

Carports: A steel carport is a perfect solution if your property doesn’t have a garage where you can store your vehicles. A carport protects your car and other vehicles from snow, rain, hail, and UV damage, ensuring it remains in good shape. They also eliminate the need to clear your vehicle of snow or other debris before you hit the road.

steel carport

Commercial: Steel buildings give you peace of mind knowing that the structure will be strong, secure and reliable. You can be confident that your equipment, offices and staff will be safe. A commercial steel building is easy to customize with our selection of accessories, which include shipping doors, ventilation and more. Whatever your needs are, a steel building can be designed to match them.

commercial steel building

Container Covers: If you have shipping or cargo containers, consider investing in a container cover. You can add arched panels to the roof of your containers and create a covered space that can be used for storage or a work area. If you are seeking a more enclosed area, consider adding endwalls.

Container Covers

Garages: A steel garage is excellent for both personal and commercial usage. They are ideal for protecting vehicles, whether you only need it for one or to contain an entire fleet. Our clear span design means you will be able to accommodate any equipment and machinery easily. A steel garage is also fire resistant, allowing you to weld inside if necessary.

steel garage

Roofing Systems: If you have an open area that needs to be protected, consider a steel roof. They are ideal for covering walkways and are also an excellent choice for the roof of your commercial structure, agricultural building, as a container cover, or for your residence.

Roofing Systems

Storage: Metal storage buildings are great for both home and business owners who are looking for additional space to keep items. Our steel storage buildings are easily customizable to a variety of sizes and with different accessories depending on your needs. This allows you the ability to store a few small items in a backyard or warehouse stock, equipment or files.

Metal storage buildings

Workshops: Steel buildings make excellent workshops. They are safe, secure, durable, and reliable. Your valuable equipment and tools will be well protected inside of a workshop from Future Buildings. The fire-resistance of steel allows you to confidently work with welders and other heat-generating equipment with minimal risk to the structure.

Metal Workshop Buildings

The Benefits of Steel Buildings

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  • Yes
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  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Traditional Building
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
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  • All our Steel Buildings are made from Galvalume Plus™ Steel from ArcellorMittal Dofasco™
  • Steel Buildings come with a 30 year warranty against rust perforation
  • Highest grade of corrosion resistance of any Steel Building
  • Steel Buildings stand up to heavy snow and the harshest weather conditions
  • Steel Buildings are non-combustible and rot-free


  • You get maximum usable space for minimum financial investment with Steel Buildings
  • Best value per square foot for your renovation or expansion dollar


  • Clear span without posts or beams to take up interior space
  • Steel Buildings are completely maintenance and repair free


  • Steel Buildings have endless possible applications – home and small business, agricultural, commercial, industrial, etc.
  • Based on a modular format our “arch” design is simple, strong and totally expandable to any preferred length


  • Do-It-Yourself construction – you just need some standard tools and the help of some capable friends
  • Easy to follow step-by-step erection manual