Questions to Ask Yourself When Ordering a Steel Building Kit

Considering ordering a custom steel building kit? Learn some of the questions you’ll want to ask yourself throughout the design and ordering process to maximize the potential and benefits of your new steel building!

1. How will I use my steel building?

Whether you want to use your building for a garage, storing recreational vehicles or household items, a workshop space or even livestock, knowing some of the specifics of your building’s intended use will help you and your Building Specialist map out additional details needed your project, as well as:

  • Sizing: The beauty of custom steel building kits is that they can be tailored to virtually any size – from a 10×10 shed to airplane hangars and beyond!
  • Doors: Knowing what you’ll be moving in and out of your steel building helps plan how many door openings you’ll need, and which types (man doors, sliding doors or overhead doors) will best suit your project.
  • Insulation: Insulating your building can have many benefits depending on how you’ll use your building (added comfort, sound absorption) as well as the specific climate where your building will be located (such as minimizing condensation or optimal temperature control).
  • Turbine Vents: If your building will be used as a workshop or garage, you may want to opt for additional ventilation with turbine vents and adapters.

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2. Is there a steel building style that I prefer?

Unlike premade kits, choosing a custom steel structure means you don’t have to compromise when it comes to function OR aesthetic – Future Buildings offers several different styles of steel building kits for you to choose from. Although virtually any kit can suit a range of projects, you may have a particular style in mind or want to match existing buildings on your property as closely as possible.

  • Custom Future Buildings A-Model
  • Custom Future Buildings X-Model
  • Custom Future Buildings Q-Model

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3. Which accessories should I add to my steel building?

Adding optional building accessories can really take the functionality and curb appeal of your steel building to the next level. Some accessory choices to consider for your steel building kit include:

  • Windows & Skylights: Planning for windows and/or skylights in your building kit’s design can be a great way to brighten the interior of your building, as well as take full advantage of the energy-saving and eco-friendly benefits of having a steel building.
  • End Walls & Trim: Although you may choose to have your building completely open, many of our customers opt for endwalls to finish their structures. Endwalls and trim (with different colours to choose from) add a “residential” look that helps match your new steel building to your home. You could also choose to add a custom finish to your building instead!

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4. When do I want to install my steel building?

Because our basic building kits involve DIY assembly, there’s no need to work around a construction crew’s timeline to get your steel building installed. We like to allow some lead time for your engineered-stamped drawings to arrive to you after you place your order to review them and, so you can make arrangements to receive your building and organize a few handy friends to help you erect your building.

The turnaround time for your building will largely depend on the customizations you choose, although a typical lead time for us to ship your building to you is around 4 weeks, depending on the time of year.

Have some questions for us here at Future Buildings? Connect with one of our expert Building Specialists today – we’re here with you from start to finish. Give us a call at 1-800-668-5111 to connect in real time.

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