Jack’s Ultimate Steel Workshop

There comes a time for most of us when we dream of having a place to call our own. A place we can setup however we choose and work on whatever we feel like. Jack of Kincardine, Ontario recently shared his story of how he’s found just that and is now living the dream and woodworking in his new steel workshop.

Here’s Jack’s story:

My building is a woodworking shop.It is 16′ x 22′ feet and is exactly what I wanted it to be – a “one-man” shop. The 11′ overhead space really makes the difference for my hobbies. I couldn’t manipulate the lengths of material I need, in a frame building.

I am retired and spend much too much time in it now that I have it all insulated and wired. I rebuild cedar and canvas canoes and make things like paddles and tables etc. I have equipped the shop completely so there are few woodworking steps I can’t do. I’ve put up an adjustable racking system for storage and still have plenty of space for anything I want to do. It’s great fun and fulfills a life-long dream for me. One thing about my shop is that when I work in there, it is noisy, but with the spray-foam insulation, the neighbours aren’t bothered. It’s warm, roomy and comfortable to work in. It’s the ultimate “man-cave”.

To see the beautiful work Jack’s been doing in his new workshop visitJack Poulin’s Canoes and Woodworking


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