How to Build your Own Art Studio

Any artist needs a dedicated space to work on their craft. Whether you are a painter or a sketch artist, it is essential to have a space that caters to your unique needs. More often than not, your home just isn’t big enough nor is it built in such a way that allows for the creative space you desire. The perfect solution for this is through the construction of your very own art studio from a prefabricated steel building!

Decide on Size & Design

First things first, you need to decide where you want to build your art studio. If you have plenty of space on your property, you would ideally want to be situated in an area that has beautiful views that you can look out to while designing your masterpieces.


Once you know the location, you then must consider how large of a studio you wish to build. This is a choice you must make, it could be as small as 10’x20’ or as large as 100’ x 200’. Realistically, you would want a space somewhere in-between those two extremes.

During the build process, also consider adding skylights. You want to have as much natural light inside your art studio as possible. You’ll also want to have plenty of windows around your art studio to bring that outdoor inspiration inside!

Of course, you want to make sure to have your building wired up for electricity. This way you can install proper lighting to achieve optimal creativity and install heat and cooling systems to keep your space temperature controlled, allowing you to “get your art on” any time of the year.

Another great idea, is to add running water to your art studio. This way you can easily clean your paint brushes, bowls and any other materials as they become dirty.

Get Colourful

Consider finishing the interior walls of your art studio with drywall, to create a cozy home-like effect. The ceiling can be left as is to create an urban or industrial feel to the space. Paint your walls in colourful and creative designs to represent the artistic space that it is. As well, paint the window trim, doors and even outdoor steel walls a colour of your choice. During the build process you can even opt to have coloured end walls installed right there and then. Remember, this is your creative sanctuary and you don’t want it looking like a bland storage room!

The flooring will usually be cement or concrete after your original build, but this is a template for your own creativity. You could cover it with carpet (that will get dirty quick), you could cover it with a hardwood flooring or laminate, or you may even decide to paint the surface and do something creative with it on your own.

Get Artistic!

Once your art studio is built it’s time to get the ball rolling, and start work on your newest masterpiece. An art studio is a great space to create and build on your own. It reflects the creativity of your work, and is a place where inspiration comes to you. Using a prefabricated steel building is the most economical way to meet your creative needs. It’s cost effective, unique and fully customizable!

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