Expand Your Business with Custom Steel Structures

Expand Your Business with Custom Steel StructuresHaving adequate space in your business is essential. You need to have room to store things, areas for your customers and merchandise, and enough space for your employees to work and take a break. When you are looking to expand your warehouse, office, factory or other commercial building, selecting a custom steel building option is an excellent choice.

Should You Expand or Rebuild?

This is all a matter of preference and efficiency. Depending on your business and its location, you may find that rebuilding elsewhere may be the best option, or even rebuilding your existing structure on the same property. You could also expand your current building with an addition or build more structures on the property.


One of the first things you need to determine is whether or not an expansion in your current location is possible.

Secondly, consider the convenience of an expansion versus a rebuild. Would an extensive remodel or expansion disrupt the flow of your business? Would relocating and rebuilding create a variety of problems? Take the time to think about how convenient each option is and the pros and cons. Then, you can find out which option will provide you with the best ROI over the long-term.

How to Expand Your Building

When looking to expand, adding length is the easiest way. The endwall can be removed, and additional steel arches added to create a longer structure and more interior space. Because an arch style building can continuously be expanded in this way, the extra length you can create is virtually limitless.

Contact Future Buildings to Help Expand Your Business

A custom steel expansion for your business will provide you with not only the much sought-after space that you need, but also offer you durability, reliability, strength, and resistance from mold, pests, and fire. In addition, steel buildings are low maintenance, requiring very little to stay looking good and performing well. To discuss your expansion ideas, please call 1-800-668-5111 to speak to an expert or fill out our online form to request a quote.


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