Door Canopies to Keep the Snow Off

Dept. of Municipal Works & Services Building

Walking out of a building only to have snow fall on you is always unpleasant, but if there’s ice or enough snow involved it can also be very dangerous. If you’re a business owner or manager the last thing you want is one of your employees or a visitor being injured.

The Department of Municipal Works and Services in Gander Newfoundland found a great solution to this winter hazard with our door canopies (R-style buildings).

These door canopies not only look great with their modern all steel design, but also provide the protection you need for your customers and clients.

This creative shelter solution comes direct from our factory pre-cut & drilled with all of the nuts and bolts required to erect it. Once your concrete is poured it’s simply a matter of bolting everything together which can be completed without any prior construction experience.

Unique Design & Simple Assembly

Find out how our steel door canopies can help make your place of work a little safer by speaking with an expert at 1-800-668-5111 or requesting a free brochure.

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