A Prefabricated Steel Building Makes the Perfect Boat Storage Shed

Aboat storage shedAs spring finally decides to arrive here in Canada, many people are venturing up to their cottages to check in and make sure that no damage has occurred over the winter. Many cottagers leave their boats, jet-ski’s and other watercraft on their property throughout the winter, and simply cover them in tarps to keep water and debris out. It’s now that people start taking their winter covers off, assess any damage, and bail out any water that may have gotten inside. Overall, every cottager prepares for the worst case scenario when uncovering their boat, and cross their fingers that everything is okay. It’s an annoying yearly routine, and more often than not, many hours are spent cleaning up messes and fixing damage caused throughout the winter. If this sounds like you, continue reading to learn why investing in a Future Buildings boat storage shed can rid this annoying yearly routine, and keep your boats safer than ever before.

Custom Sized Boat Storage Shed

Instead of spending time and money at the end of each cottage season covering your boat with tarp – which really doesn’t work effectively in our Canadian winters – consider building a boat storage shed. These prefabricated buildings can be designed to meet your exact requirements, with customization options for each and every aspect of your build. You choose the overall dimensions, allowing for single or multiple boats to be stored, and can also design your boat storage shed to be of larger than average height to accommodate any large boats you may have. As well, you have full control over what types of garage doors and entry doors you wish to use, the types of windows, lighting, ventilation, and more! It will be a highly effective steel building, and look great too!

A Boat Storage Shed is Safe

For those of you who’ve been leaving your boats outside for all these years, there has always been that level of concern for the overall safety of your watercrafts. You could have a tree fall on your boat, animals could tear up the electronics and wiring, or your boat could be stolen right off of your property. With a boat storage shed you can rest assured that your valuable equipment is safe. The overall strength of a steel building will shelter your boat(s) from the most treacherous weather, it will keep animals out, and most importantly it will be safe from thieves.

A Boat Storage Shed Serves Multiple Purposes

Boat storage sheds serve their number one purpose of off season storage very well, but they also are extremely functional for other purposes, all year round. They are excellent for storing life jackets, fishing equipment, water skis, wakeboards, tools, parts and really any cottage supplies you may have. During the summer months when your boats are in the water, you can easily use your boat storage shed as a garage for your cars, keeping them from getting overly dirty from all the dust and gravel on your driveway. The uses are truly endless, which proves the overall utility of building your very own boat shed.

Browse our website to view some of the great prefabricated steel buildings we have built in the past, and check out our many customization options available. Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-668-5111 to talk more about our boat storage shed options, or fill out our online form for a free quote!

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