8 Awesome Man Cave Ideas

Every guy with any kind of hobby has a picture in his mind of what his ideal man cave would look like. Maybe you picture yourself having a cognac and cigar from your mahogany bar while sitting on brown leather chairs. Or maybe you envision your team’s colours, a massive projector screen, and stadium seating. Perhaps there’s a professional-grade poker table thrown into the mix.

Whatever your taste, these 8 awesome man cave ideas can help inspire the creation and design of your very own entertainment area.

    • Beer Theme

Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of ales, lagers, stouts and ciders? Why not have your man cave reflect this. Get a variety of kegs so you have a good selection on tap for when your buddies are over. Use recycled bottles or kegs to make your own awesome light fixtures. And of course, always, always have a bar fridge stocked full with beer.

    • Vacation

You don’t need to fly to Mexico to get the sense of relaxation that comes with vacation – you can get it in your own personal entertainment area. Make your man cave vacation themed with tropical décor, some inflatable palm trees (why not?) and obviously some hammocks to chill out on. Oh, and don’t forget the bar.

    • Hunting

Build your own personal hunting lodge with all the creature comforts and without the isolation and inconvenience associated with being in the middle of the woods. Throw in a stone fireplace to really give it that cabin-like atmosphere.


    • Sci-Fi

Fan of science fiction? Show off your passion. Whether Star Wars, Doctor Who, Battlestar Gallactica or another favourite of yours, personalize your man cave with memorabilia, collectables and costumes.

    • Movie

There’s nothing quite like inhabiting a scene in your favourite movie, and using your man cave as a canvas is the perfect way to achieve this. Imagine having your own personal area that emulates the diner in Pulp Fiction, or a saloon from a John Wayne flick.

    • Sports Theme

Every sports fan should fly the colours of their team with pride, and a sports-themed man cave is the perfect way to do this. Your friends will envy your big screen projector, stadium seating and genuine sports memorabilia, particularly as your team hustles its way to victory.


    • Class and Luxury

Are your tastes a little more refined? Would you prefer a fine cognac coupled with a cigar? A mahogany bar and brown leather? For the classy traditionalist, building your man cave as an old-boys club provides the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life.

    • Casino

Get the poker set out and show your friends who the king of the poker table really is. Throw is some slots or a roulette table if you’re feeling lucky. Bring the excitement of Vegas to your own home. (But remember, gambling at your house is illegal, so don’t use real money).

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  1. Jacob M. Zimmerman says:

    Hi there i’m browsing easy to build sheds for mancave/one door garage(not definite) Wondering if you guys have more options in that area. Also would like to know how much customization i can do, like wood stove heating and electricity.

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