5 Workshop Ideas to Personalize Your Steel Building

blog-art-studioA workshop is your space and should be made the way you want it. You can make it a place you work on projects, run your business, or even participate in hobbies. But to make it a place that has a personal touch you can use all year and that’s adaptable to your projects or other needs.  

Here are 4 workshop ideas you’ll find useful for modifying your workshop.

  1. Storage Spaces

Nobody wants tools scattered around the workshop. Storage spaces can easily be added and one of the first additions I made to my workshop was defined storage areas to keep everything in order. Now storage areas can take a lot of form. Large tool chests, wall mounts, and shelving are just some storage ideas. As always what you need will vary based on what tools and equipment you make use of however, a steel building can easily accommodate.  

  1. Insulation

Insulation is one of the top workshop ideas. First, without insulation you’ll find yourself running the heat or air all day to keep up and aside from being inefficient it also wastes money. Second it controls noise levels and muffles noise entering or leaving the buildings.    

  1. Heating

When going over workshop ideas heating is every bit as important as insulation, this is doubly so if you live in a cold area like I do. When installing a heating solution I used two different types of heaters recommended both for different reasons. Space heaters allow me to heat up the entire shop and are very useful if I plan to be in there all day and making wide use of my tools. The smaller floor heaters let me warm up a single part of the shop and save on heating time and electricity costs. I find these useful if I’m only in the shop for a brief period of time or working on something specific. No matter how you do it, keep warm it’s not only for comfort but for safety as well.      

  1. Humidity Control

Humidity control is overlooked with workshop ideas but is important. A humid workshop is a hassle in a lot of ways and I soon realized that humidity control was a good idea. First of all humidity makes everything feel hotter which not only makes work harder but also cuts down on the amount of time you can work. Plus the added moisture in the air can rust tools and equipment. Adding humidity controls not only let me work longer and in more comfort but it also keeps my tools in top working order.

  1. Colour

You can create a more professional look with coloured endwalls. They still have the same durability and warranty as our other prefabricated buildings, but now you have the choice to match your building with your house, farm, company colours, and more. Future Buildings also don’t overlook the details. You can even customize the colour of your trim to match the colour of the building, or have the trim stand out with a different colour.


Explore more workshop ideas and find out how you can personalize your prefabricated steel buildings.

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