5 Common Mistakes People Make when Constructing a Steel Building

Portable Foundation Around PerimeterSteel buildings have become a favourite for many, largely because of the durability and longevity of such buildings. Most garages are now made from steel and an increasing number of workshops and commercial constructions are wholly-steel except maybe for windows and ventilations. The versatility and customizability of steel are two other factors that seem to be attracting so many people.

However, one thing all steel builders agree on is that steel buildings are best constructed by experts at the trade. It’s not just about welding one metal piece to another or cutting away sections of the sheet to create openings for doors and windows.

If you’re doing a DIY project or are a budding steel builder working on your first project, here are 5 common mistakes you should be wary of.

  1. Not following steel building codes

The first step in building a steel structure should be to obtain a license that allows you to erect the construction at that the desired location. The fact that you’ve seen your neighbours building their steel garages around doesn’t mean that you’ll be allowed to erect a steel workshop in the area.

You’ll also be required to follow the right building codes. Building codes are a set of rules that specify the minimum allowable safety levels for constructions such as buildings. Take time to check the National Building Codes for Canada (NBC) or the America Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) codes.

  1. Building the wrong building

Another mistake steel builders often make is to design and construct the wrong building. If you’re building a workshop, do you know the features of a workshop? Or are you going to come up with a large garage and call it a workshop? Some of the questions to ask before you start constructing a steel building include;

  • What will the building be used for?
  • What size will be appropriate?
  • How many doors and windows should it have?
  • How many stories are needed?
  • Does it need insulation?
  1. Failing to budget for the whole kit

Traditionally, steel building kits come without windows, doors, skylights etc. One mistake most builders will make when budgeting is to leave out the costs of these important parts. So at the end of the day, you have a budget which you think is right but which in reality is several hundred or a few thousand dollars short of the actual value. If this mistake is not uncovered and corrected earlier on in the project, you can easily end up recording double transportation expenses.

Insulation mistakes

  1. Choosing the wrong insulation

This is a common and very costly mistake that many steel builders make. Steel buildings are not wood or concrete buildings so you’ll need a different type if insulation. Spray-on insulation will usually work very well because it easily sticks onto the metal while consuming negligible space. We also provide insulation that is custom designed for the interior walls of our structures!

  1. Not applying enough insulation, failing to join seams, and cutting the insulation wrong

Once you have the right insulation, what follows is to install it properly. Applying insulation can be a little difficult because it involves removing the plasterboard, applying the insulation and then redecorating. Metal conducts a lot of heat so you need to apply a reasonable amount of insulation.

For rigid form and fiberglass insulations you’ll need to join the seams using tape. Although this is a simple process, many often forget it. Rigid form and fiberglass insulations must also be cut correctly to avoid future problems. Avoid any gaps which could form escape routes for heat.

Overall, if you can avoid these 5 common mistakes, you should be confident of constructing a durable, attractive, and energy efficient steel building. If you have any questions at any point during installation, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-668-5111 or Request a free quote today!

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