Garage & Workshop Kits

Our garage workshop kits are the perfect solution for protecting your vehicles and providing you with the space you need to store tools or work on projects. At Future Buildings, we offer high-quality garage workshop kits that are customizable, meaning you can personalize them to meet your specifications.

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We use steel arches in all of our metal buildings, providing unbeatable durability and strength. Since the kits are prefabricated, you’ll be able to build your garage faster and more easily than if you were to build on-site from the ground up.


Width: 20? to 30? (Need something wider? Try our Large Workshop Kits).

Length: Arch construction system allows for building of ANY length, just ask one of our building specialists.

Garage & Workshop Kit Benefits

More Space To Park and Tinker – All Under One Roof!

Custom Design

Future Buildings engineers will custom design and manufacture a Steel Building to fit your unique needs and budget. Whether your property is big or small Future Buildings can manufacture precisely the building you need!

Low Cost

We own the factory where all Future Buildings steel buildings are made. This means we can pass on the savings to our customers. Plus, if you are flexible with the size of your building, we often have pre-ordered models that become available at drastically reduced QUICK SALE prices. You could SAVE up to 45% on one of our Steel Deals.

100% Usable Interior Space

Unlike traditional steel, wooden or brick buildings, Future Buildings steel buildings have a unique truss-less design. With no trusses taking up space you have more room throughout for storage, racking, shelving and parking large vehicles such as RV’s, backhoes and tractors.

40 Year Rust Perforation Warranty

All Future Buildings steel buildings are warrantied against normal condition rust perforation for a full 40 years from the date of purchase.

Fully Customizable


Do It Yourself

All Future Buildings steel buildings come with complete easy-to-understand illustrated instructions. We have designed every steel building kit to require only one size bolt. This means that every steel building can be built using simple tools and basic DIY experience.

Fast Construction

Every building is made from pre-drilled and pre-cut steel panels which quickly bolt together to form an arch. Each arch is then hoisted into position and secured to the foundation. Depending on the size, with a few extra sets of hands most of our customers have their buildings up in a matter of days. Remember – Future Buildings is there for you from beginning to build so if you have any questions throughout the erection process- simply pick up the phone!

Low Maintenance

The coated Galvalume Plus Steel your building is made from will provide you with years of maintenance free service. No Painting (unless you want to) or Treatment necessary. Just sit back and enjoy!

Designed for You

Future Buildings engineers will custom design and manufacture a Steel Building to fit your unique needs and budget. Whether your property is big or small Future Buildings can manufacture the building you need at the price you can afford. We always want it to be your building at your price.

Why Our Workshop Kits Are Better Than Wood Structures

Although wood has long been traditionally used for workshop construction, metal is the superior material for several reasons:

  • Metal is more durable and is less likely to be damaged and require repairs.
  • A metal garage will withstand the elements better, such as heavy snow, strong winds, and more.
  • Metal garages won’t wear down as quickly.
  • Metal isn’t vulnerable to rot, mold, mildew, or insect infestations.
  • Metal garages don’t require beams or rafters, which means you’re not wasting valuable space.

Get the Perfect Workshop Kit for Your Needs

There are many ways to use a garage, whether it’s for vehicle and equipment storage or as a workshop for repairs or hobbies. At Future Buildings, our prefab garage workshop kits can be customized to meet your needs and budget. Request a free quote online or call us at 1-800-668-5111 today.