Versatile Garages – From Storage to Workshops

Have you paid a lot of money for a vehicle only to have to leave it parked outside exposed to all the elements? If so, you probably noticed the damaging effects of winter, sunlight and general weathering. Plus, there’s the whole issue of security. How safe is your “ride” with nothing around it to protect it?

Fear not – from the smallest to largest vehicles, Future Buildings’ versatile garages have you covered. Take a look at one of our customer with his prized motorcycle. He had a fairly small area to work with and a small vehicle. We designed him the perfect small steel garage that works in every way he needed.

We’re just getting started…

Our buildings work for any single or double car garage and have made thousands and thousands of residential customers grateful for having both extended the life of their vehicles and in many cases provided them additional workshop space to call their own.

We are also known for manufacturing every size of carport and canopy. Future Buildings’ carports have been proven to stand strong in severe weather conditions. We can design one to cover snowmobiles, ATVs, standard passenger vehicles and even RV’s. Next time you hear ice pattering outside why not relax knowing it’s only on the sturdy roof of a Future carport – and not your vehicle!

a Future Buildings Carport

Future Buildings’ garages are versatile enough to be built on a much larger scale as well. This is what we mean when we say we can go super. Owner-operators of commercial vehicles benefit greatly from our large steel garage formats. Just take a look at how easily this 18 wheeler fits into one of our “S” style buildings and how about the massive storage space still available in another! Our commercial steel garages can be built up to 100 feet wide allowing you plenty of space for your heavy duty trucks, tractors, farming equipment or anything else you‘d like to store and protect. Future Buildings knows quite often your livelihood depends on us designing solid, long lasting protection for your vehicle.

If it’s travel by air you prefer, you still need to land and park and we are experts in engineering the right aircraft “garage” or hangar. When not in the skies, all sizes of choppers and airplanes can be parked securely in one of our Future Buildings Q or S model garages.

Here at Future Buildings, our vast design and engineering expertise allows us to offer every size and style of garage for every size and kind of vehicle. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you design your new steel garage!

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