8 Reasons Why a Steel building is Perfect for Storing Classic Cars

A Model - Interior Vintage Car Storage 3When you purchase a Future Steel building, you can use it for a variety of purposes. Many people choose to store their cars (whether it be a day-to-day use car or a collector’s/classic car) in a steel building or carport. Here are eight reasons why steel buildings are perfect for storing classic cars

 1. They fit the style of a classic car

Classic cars are all about style. Modern buildings fit the postmodern design that matches the current zeitgeist. That is fine, except for the fact that it doesn’t match the style of your car at all. Steel buildings, on the other hand, feature a timeless design that makes them aesthetically perfect for storing classic cars.

 2. They will protect your car

 The reason that you want to start storing classic cars inside of a building in the first place is because you want to protect it. You also know that their older age, parts and design make them more susceptible to wear and tear than a modern vehicle. Steel buildings, which can be designed to work well in any climate, from the frozen tundra of the north to the warm, moist climate of the south, are perfect protectors for your classic car(s).

3. They can easily be added to any property

 Sometimes one of the biggest problems with constructing a building for storing classic cars is finding a place where you can safely put it. Still buildings, which feature an adaptive design, can be constructed to be placed anywhere, from an expansive field to the side of an urban house.

 4. They don’t have any unnecessary columns

 Due to their low strength and flexibility to weight ratios, many types of building require additional columns to remain upright. This can cause a lot of space problems, especially if any of the columns have to be placed somewhere near the middle of the building. This space limitation can make it difficult to park your classic car, and put its beautiful body at an unnecessary risk every time you pull in.

A  building made of steel, on the other hand, is by nature strong, light and flexible; this significantly reduces the need for extra support to hold the structure up. When they are storing your classic cars, space won’t be an issue, because they won’t need any additional columns at all.

5. They don’t take long to build 

You want your classic car to be protected ASAP.  Unfortunately, storing classic cars in most newly constructed buildings means waiting months until their completion. Steel buildings, on the other hand, usually come pre-constructed and can be assembled in a single day. 

6. You can assemble them yourself

 In addition to being able to start storing classic cars ASAP, steel buildings also don’t require entire construction crews to be built. In fact, you can complete the entire construction on your own with little more than a few basic tools that you can find in most garages and basements.

7. Their cost isn’t outlandish

Not having to pay a team of contractors isn’t the only way that you save with steel buildings. The building itself is also significantly less expensive than other types of buildings.

8. They come with outstanding warranties

When you start storing classic cars with a steel building, you will be doing so for a very long time. In fact, the manufacturers are so certain of the quality of steel buildings, that that they will usually include warranties that last for up to three decades! These warranties usually include rust and perforation protection.

Steel is the perfect solution for storing classic cars

Each Future Building is delivered with Certified Engineered Drawings that have been specifically designed for your location, guaranteed to satisfy local regulations. To learn more, use our Contact Us facility, or call 1-800-668-5111. Make sure that your classic car is protected with the best possible solution. Start storing classic cars in a steel building ASAP by contacting Future Steel Buildings.

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  1. Ian says:

    Met a guy in Knoxville this weekend to check out his classic 67 mustangs. He stores them in one of your Future Steel Buildings. Was very impressed with the build quality and it was perfect size for his toys. We left as impressed with the building as the cars!

  2. Future Buildings says:

    Glad you liked it.

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