3 Recreational Uses for Steel Buildings

100_2226Are you looking to create a new, or update an existing recreational space for you and your family to enjoy? Search no further than Future Buildings. We can create the perfect space to suit your needs, as well as go above and beyond all of your expectations! Although we’re known for our outstanding work with garages, carports, storage and workspaces, we have no problem creating a personalized recreational space for you. Because of their durability and affordability, steel buildings that are used for recreational purposes are becoming much more frequent.


Paintball is a rapidly growing sport, and there are many paintball facilities around the GTA. Have you ever thought of putting an indoor paintball facility in your own backyard? Our steel buildings are the perfect solution to create the ultimate paintball arena facility suited to you. Steel buildings are also perfect for safe, secure storage of paintball supplies and equipment.

Home Gym

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to make a trip to the gym for a workout. Having a home gym is not only convenient, but it’s also affordable. Let us design the perfect sized steel building to house the best home gym you can think of. You can then purchase the gym equipment that you benefit from, to ensure a more efficient use of space.

For the Kids

Another use for our steel buildings is as a space for kids. What about something like a giant remote control race car track, or a place where they can fly remote controlled planes? We can build the perfect space for you to design just for your kids. A steel building from us is perfect, as you can change its use and contents as your kids get older. Additionally, once you are an “empty-nester” you can turn it into a space for yourself!

Future Steel Buildings are very affordable. We make sure that you get the maximum usable space in every building we sell. Made from Galvalune Plus™ steel from Dofasco™, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the best possible quality for your investment. All of our steel buildings come with a 30 year warranty against rust and have the highest grade of corrosion resistance of any steel building. Also, Future Steel Buildings are repair and maintenance free, no matter the size. So whatever idea you’ve come up with as a use for your steel building, let us help you make it happen. 

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