3 Great Storage Ideas for Winter

Winter seems to creep up too fast. One day it’s summer, the next day you’re raking leaves and getting ready for the first snowfall. This is the time of year when your storage building comes in handy. Below are a few tips to help you get the most out of your storage building, and have you ready for when winter ends and spring arrives!

Vehicles & Equipment


One of the main reasons people build storage buildings is to store their expensive vehicles and equipment indoors. This is even more important during the winter months. By keeping them inside for the winter you are protecting them from salt, grime and corrosion that is caused by its salty, moist environment.

As well, consider changing the oil in your vehicles to a thinner variety, so that it can easily start on a cold winter day. Thicker oil that is left inside your vehicle during the winter will be difficult to turn over in cold weather.

You may also wish to drain the gas out of all vehicles and motorized equipment, or use fuel stabilizer to keep it from going bad over the winter. This will prevent buildup of sediment inside your gas tank. Overall, storing your motorized equipment indoors will extend your vehicles and equipment’s useful life.

Outdoor Furniture

Patio furniture such as tables and chairs are best kept indoors during the winter. Other items such as decorations, flower pots and wind chimes are best kept inside your storage building to avoid cracking and rusting.

Storing your things indoors keeps your outdoor furniture clean. During the fall and winter, plenty of dirt and grime is transferred onto items left outside and causes a big clean up job for the spring. Avoid this extra work all together by keeping it stored inside your storage building.

If you are not one to barbeque during the colder months of the year it is a good idea to bring that indoors as well. Putting a barbeque in winter storage will extend its life much like vehicles and other outdoor equipment.

 Miscellaneous Items

Every household has a variety of random things in boxes laying around the house. The winter is the perfect time to gather up those items and store them in your storage building. This way, once spring arrives you will have all of your unwanted items together, allowing you to sort through and easily get rid of things during your spring clean.

With all that junk moved into your storage building you can focus on getting your home and basement in tip top shape over the winter, and tackle cleaning your storage building once the weather gets nice in the spring. Just think of it as being one step closer to getting rid of junk you have always wanted gone!

If you don’t have your own storage building, consider a prefabricated steel building from Future Buildings. Buildings can be ordered with full customization in size, windows, doors, ventilation and insulation. Having your own winter storage unit is an investment you won’t regret!

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