30×50 Metal Building

Whether you want to expand your business, start a new one, or increase your home’s available storage space, a 30×50 custom metal building will work perfectly. Our steel buildings are ideal for almost every need you have, including workshops, auto shops, and small business ventures, and look great on any property.

30x50 steel building
30×50 Metal Building

The additional 1500 sq. ft of space can be used for a variety of different purposes. Steel is a strong and reliable building material, with the additional benefits of being fire, mold, and pest resistant. Depending on the additional options you’ve chosen, it’s possible that you can get your prefabricated kit built in a few days to weeks, allowing you to start using it quickly.

Recommended Uses of Our 30×50 Steel Buildings

  • Auto Dealerships & Auto Repair Shops – Our 30×50 steel buildings are the ideal size for auto repair shops and dealerships.
  • Churches – When your church needs more space, steel buildings are an excellent fit for the project.
  • Industrial – Our 30×50 metal industrial buildings are assembled to meet local building codes based on your location and able to stand up to snow, rain, and heavy wind conditions.
  • Office – Whether you need a home office or a quiet space around your home, a 30×50 metal building gives you everything you need without altering your home’s design.
  • Residential Garages – Get enough space to store your RVs, trucks, motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles.
  • Restaurants – Share your gourmet skills with an all-weather 30×50 metal building that’s safe from fires and easy to maintain.
  • Retail Stores – These structures provide enough space to create repair shops, clothing stores, and other retail shops.
  • Sheds – Store equipment, tools, farm equipment, and more in a solid shed.
  • Small Business Buildings – This structure is an ideal size for an average store.
  • Stables – Protect your farm animals from the elements with durable 30×50 metal building kits.
  • Storage – No matter if you’re storing equipment, inventory, or personal belongings, our 30×50 metal buildings will give you more than enough room.
  • Workshop – Create a modern mancave or workshop away from your main garage with ecofriendly materials.

Expand Your Business with A 30×50 Steel Building

For everyone looking to open a repair shop, expand an existing business, or create an agricultural building, our 30×50 steel buildings will work perfectly. Contact our sales department today for advice on the best metal building structure suited to your needs.

30×50 Metal Buildings Are Perfect for Mixed-Use

Popular for commercial garages and workshops, our 30×50 metal buildings can fit 2-3 cars and a mechanic area for those looking to expand their repair shops. Additionally, those with farms and commercial businesses will have enough space to protect their equipment from the elements.

Personal Uses of 30×50 Metal Buildings

It’s pretty common for people to end up having a lot of belongings. Whether bought, gifted, or inherited, it is common to end up with more items than space. In these situations, having a dedicated structure for personal storage is useful. The metal building is strong, durable, and secure, meaning your items will be protected and safe.

Commercial Uses of 30×50 Metal Buildings

Whether you need space to open a neighborhood coffee shop, advertising agency, or other small business, our 30×50 metal building prices are well suited to anything you can imagine.

Expand Your Storage Space Using Modern 30×50 Metal Buildings

No matter if you’re looking for a metal garage, a structure to open a business, or extra space for personal use, give us a call. Our experts will provide you with a free quotation and guide you through the process of selecting the right structure and accessories for your needs.