Video Testimonials & Reviews

CASE STUDIES – Dakota Creek Winery – BC, Canada

Dakota Creek Winery in BC, Canada contacted Future Buildings to design and manufacture a cost effective alternative steel building for their new wine cave. They needed the building to be fully customizable in appearance and layout. Future Buildings’ engineers listened to Dakota’s requirements and manufactured a steel building that was tailor-made to meet their needs at a fraction of the cost Dakota had expected.

Ontario Power – ON, Canada

Ontario Power approached Future Buildings requiring a number of building solutions. They required multiple storage buildings for maintenance equipment and a shelter for a various large vehicles. Future Buildings’ engineers provided Ontario Power with economical solutions for both their storage and shelter needs with our “A” Style steel building and “R” Style steel shelters.

Building Construction in Canal Flats, BC, Canada

Model X 41W x 64L x 21H built in British Columbia


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