Why We Love Steel Buildings (And Why You Should Too!)

Wilmot-20120602-00144Generally, the mind thinks of wood and bricks when it comes to building. Yet there is another option, one that is unique, strong and long lasting; it’s steel buildings. It’s an option that both individuals and commercial building owners are embracing.  Steel buildings are being put up to be used as car ports, warehouses, sheds, workshops, airplane hangars and farm buildings among other uses.

Steel buildings style options

A good place to start would be to decide between the different styles of steel buildings. One option is the A-style building, a conventionally-shaped building with sides that are straight and a peaked roof. This style of building is suitable for general domestic use such as as a garage, workshop or general-use shed.

Then there is the X-style building. It resembles the A-style building with the peaked roof only that it has more room and its wall are sloped. It is most commonly put up for commercial use such as at auto dealerships, trade shops, studios, grocery stores and mechanical repair shops.

There are also R-style steel buildings, a single radius, clear-span, arched, low profile structure that works as a rood system. This is the structure that is often seen over hockey rinks, pools and recycling plants.  The S-style is another option. This one has clear span arch roof and straight side walls that increase clearance. This makes it large enough for a lot to be stored in it including trucks. They can also be used as cottages and lakeside or other holiday homes, manufacturing plants, warehouses and studios among other uses.

The Q-style option is another way you can go with steel buildings. These have the traditional Quonset style, clear-span arch and single radius. They are put up for use in riding, skating, hockey and soccer arenas, indoor pools and over pool halls. They are also used as barns, airplane hangars, repair shops and for the storage of crops and livestock.

You may also decide to go with T-style steel buildings. These are clear-span, Quonset featured with open sides, a single radius, partial arch and a structural frame supports on the side that is open. Common uses as a livestock shelter, garage for large vehicles like trucks and tractors and as a repair shop or service facility for vehicles.

Construction of steel buildings

Once you have chosen the style of building that you want, you need to go through the process of putting it up. All the styles can be made in different sizes so you will need to determine the size of building you want. You can then select from a number of customization options. You can choose the kind of foundation you want, the colour of the end walls, to have skylights or not, the kind of doors you want, the turbine vents and how the building will be installed.

Product and service guarantee and certification

It is very important that you are given a product and service guarantee for your building. It is also important that the builders are certified. This way, you can be sure that should any problem arise with the building, it will be addressed with no additional costs to you.

Choose the Future

There are several steel buildings constructors out there some are better than others. Future Buildings is the best choice you can make. We have a Quasar/CSA-A660 Certificate that includes a quality control audit like ISO. We also offer clients a 40-year rust perforation warranty, the guarantee of using only Galvalume Plus steel, designs done by certified engineers and the support of in-house engineering staff. Choose Future Buildings for no building regrets in the future.


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