What to Expect in Your Kit When You Order One of Our Steel Building Packages

Page 1 and 2 Factory 3Our steel building packages come with everything you need to get your building installed and ready to go. The kits are complete and you won’t need to measure, cut timber, or even use power tools, unless you have a cordless drill handy. You don’t need framing skills, you don’t need carpentry skills. All you need is a few friends to help you tighten the bolts, and our steel building packages. Let’s see exactly what your kit comes with.

  • Pre-drilled and prefab panels made from Galvalume Plus Steel from Dofasco
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Detailed instructions

To get started, the arches included in your kit are not lifted into position – they’re raised. You may wonder what difference this makes, but it’s a big one! Each arch only needs about 50 pounds of force to be raised into the correct position from the ground. If you have family or friends helping, it’s only 25 pounds or less each. Essentially, it’s like lifting a single bag of dog food each!

Next, take the laser punched steel panels included in your steel buildings packages and assemble the arches. Note that they’re all easy to assemble right on the ground and they have a flat overlap, which ensures you get a watertight seal. Then just raise the arches to secure to your foundation. Repeat this until all arches are in place.

You end with putting the finishing touches on your steel building packages, during which you insert the walls, assemble and hang the doors, and tighten all the bolts. The process is incredibly easy and you’ll love that you don’t need any additional pieces or screws. We know you want everything you need included in your steel building packages – and that’s why we include it all!  

There are tons of reasons to invest in our competitively priced steel building packages, including our 30-year warranty against rust perforation. You’ll love that we use the highest grade of corrosion resistance of any steel building packages, and these strong structures can handle heavy snow and even the harshest weather conditions. They are rot-free and non-combustible. When you add the fact that you can install them on your own, it’s easy to see that you’ve found the perfect solution for all your commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial needs!

Steel building kits is a do-it-yourself project, so that means you easily assemble your building when it suits you and you don’t have to pay contractors. You can easily transform your building for car and equipment storage, government services, industrial and agricultural uses, offices, or for any projects. Contact Future Buildings for more information getting started with your steel building kit.

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