Things to Consider During Your Man Cave Construction

blog-diy-1You have finally made the decision to begin your personal man cave construction.  Like any other construction project, it pays to measure twice and cut once.  The best part about it is that you can really focus on what you love to do.  Whether you are starting your man cave construction from scratch or converting an existing garage or workshop – you still need to go through the same preparatory steps.

What do you want to do in your man cave construction?  Everyone has their own hobbies and tastes – make sure you list yours out as a core starting point.  The internet is full of awesome examples of man cave construction features – there are even websites devoted to fulfilling your every man cave wish.   Some example features could be:

  • Custom bar and bar stools
  • Pool table
  • large TV(s) with internet connectivity
  • PS4 or Xbox One with remote controllers
  • theater seats with cup holders and motorized tilting mechanisms
  • squashy couch
  • surround sound system
  • home brew equipment – finally a space you can leave it all out!
  • exercise equipment (to work off the beer)
  • funky lighting with remote fading controls
  • hammocks
  • well stocked beer fridge
  • well stocked liquor cabinet
  • snack freezer and microwave
  • putting green carpet (synthetic grass is very realistic these days!)
  • sports paraphernalia – go to town with your favorite sports teams
  • Hugh Hefner robe with cigars
  • Pet tiger (OK,  maybe a panther would be cooler)
  • Posted list of Man Cave rules (essential for alerting the women in your life of the “Law of the Cave”)

Once you have figured out all the things you would like to include in your man cave construction, you need to calculate the square footage needed to house them all with comfort. 

The nice thing about starting your man cave construction from scratch is that you can choose the size of your building to fit your needs and then customize it to accommodate all your outlet and lighting requirements before you even have it delivered.  These days prefabricated steel buildings are easier than ever to assemble and have many options for colors, textures, shape and design.  In addition there are more than one kind of insulation to choose from and you can make your man cave construction as comfy as you wish with strategically placed windows and skylights, and of course a giant roll up door.  Maybe you want to park your Harley in there too… 

Once you have measured out the space you need, try sketching it out as a top view floor plan.   You don’t need to be an artist to do it – just block out the plan with all the really big items like the couch and the bar counter.  Then mark where all the electrical plugs should go.  This will get it clear in your mind when you place your order for your man cave construction building.   Try to think of how you will be using the space at different times of the day.  During the day you can enjoy the light from some skylights or windows.  For the nighttime activities, think about where you will likely be spending the most time and prepare that area in the most detail.  You can always change it later but it’s good to start man cave construction with a vision and then build on it as inspiration comes to you.

Man Cave Construction is probably one of the most satisfying and fun projects a guy can do.  It’s a great reward to yourself for all the hard work you have done in your life to get to this point – why not do it right?

Each Future Building is delivered with Certified Engineered Drawings that have been specifically designed for your location, guaranteed to satisfy local regulations. To learn more, use our Contact Us facility, or call 1-800-668-5111.

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