Steel Garages Provide the Ultimate Level of Protection From Thieves & Vandals

double_garage[2]Steel is a popular construction material for many reasons. For one, it is very strong and therefore very durable. It is also rust-proof and non-demanding when it comes to maintenance. Another winning factor about steel is that is provides fool-proof security. This is why it is commonly used to make doors and security fixtures like padlocks and bolts. 

All-steel buildings

Over the years, steel has been used to construct entire buildings, both residential and commercial. Popular commercial buildings are farm barns for livestock, produce and equipment, plane hangars, warehouses and overhead structures at sports arenas. 

In homes, many home owners are opting for a steel garage. It can be used to create a new garage for a new car, boat or RV. A steel garage may also be converted into a home office, workshop or man cave.

Style options for steel buildings

Another advantage of a steel garage and steel buildings in general is the variety of style options available. One option is the A-style building which has conventional straight sides and a peaked roof. The X-style building is similar except for the fact that it has a bit more space thanks to its sloped walls. With the S-style building, the side walls are straight and the roof is clear with a span arch while with Q-style buildings, the profile is the traditional Quonset style.

Steel buildings do come in other styles including T and R styles. T-style steel buildings are suitable for housing livestock, shelters for tractors, trucks and other large vehicles and as service facilities for vehicles. R-style structures work very well as roof systems. 

Another option that you have is the size of steel garage that you want. It can be custom-made to your tastes and preferences. This means that if you need your steel garage to be really big to fit your boat, large truck or RV, it can be made to fit it. It can also be made and fitted with shelves to be used as a workshop and or home office. If it is a den or own space you are looking for, a steel garage can also be custom-made for this purpose. 

DIY garage kit 

Customers get the steel garage in form of a kit that that is very simple to put together. There is no cutting of timber or measuring to be done. Only a cordless drill will be needed. Even one with no carpenter skills can easily put their steel garage together. Rope in one or two people to help and it will be up in two or three days. 

The easy-to-use kits come with arches that only need to be raised into position rather than lifted. The difference this makes is the arches weigh just a few pounds so they are easily lifted off the ground and positioned. No heavy lifting is required and with an extra pair of hands, the job is even lighter and can be done faster. 

Looking into the future 

The best steel garage kits and other steel buildings are those that come with engineer-certified plans and that have a long-term warranty including against rust perforation. The best garage kits will also be competitively priced with factory pricing. 

Future Buildings has made a name for itself in the area of steel buildings over 40 years. The family-owned building puts kits together at their factory which ensures quality and makes it possible to transfer the benefit of factory prices to customers. Every building is compliant with Canadian Welding Bureau and also CAN/CSA A660 standards. Customers also get a 30-year rust perforation with every purchase.

Each Future Building is delivered with Certified Engineered Drawings that have been specifically designed for your location, guaranteed to satisfy local regulations. To learn more Contact Us, or call 1-800-668-5111.

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