Steel Buildings: The Eco Friendly Solution

workshop-background-removedThe number of steel buildings being constructed in various parts of the world in recent years has been exponential. There is no doubt that people are starting to appreciate the essence of steel as an environmentally friendly solution to building. If you are still using wood for construction purposes, you are really not doing much in terms of saving the planet. In North America for instance there has been increasing incidences of deforestation. As such, the authorities have since been advocating for the use of steel in construction. This applies to the construction of both residential and commercial buildings.

The environmental benefit

One of the main reasons why steel buildings have increased in number is because people are starting to appreciate the real essence of environmental conservation. You need to understand that these buildings are more eco-friendly than those constructed using wood.  Again, once you get over the use of steel for building purposes, you can melt the ore and still use it for other purposes. This is a different case for wooden structures whereby the wood might not be in a condition that allows it to be re-used.  Recycling is an aspect that has been much advocated for across the globe and it is possible with the use of steel.

Quicker and easier construction

It’s also important to note that steel buildings can be constructed much faster and in a more effective manner. This therefore means that it does not pose too much of a threat to the environment. When constructing using wood, the process of cutting down the trees is detrimental to the environment as much more can be destroyed as the tree falls. Again, putting up the structure also means that you have to affect some of the adjacent amenities.

The materials are pre-fabricated

Unlike the case is for wooden materials, steel buildings are normally pre-fabricated into parts that are ready to go by the companies that are selling them. As for the case of traditional building structures, there is a lot of landfill after the process. The issue of the materials lying around cause landfill and as such can affect the environment negatively.

Steel is more cost effective

It’s also important to take note of the fact that steel buildings are more cost effective. This is contrary to the case of traditional structures. It’s rewarding to save some money on the side while also taking good care of the environment. The cost effective and eco-friendly benefits are definitely going to make steel a much sought after building option in the near future.

Here now is an outline of the benefits of steel buildings over wooden buildings;

  • Buildings made from steel are much more durable and stronger than wooden buildings
  • The maintenance costs of steel buildings are much lower than those of wooden buildings
  • Steel buildings are also termite free and they have less chances of catching fire
  • Steel is also known for its resistance against extremes of weather like thunderstorms, hurricanes, heavy snow, tornadoes and earthquakes.
  • You can re-use your steel materials for building in future or for any other purposes once you take down your steel buildings. Wood might rot and hence not be of great use once you have taken down your structure.

It’s important to be a part of saving the planet today since we need it to live healthy. It’s also important to appreciate the fact that steel is currently easily accessible in North America and other parts of the world.

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