Steel Buildings: Perfect for Government Use

blog-airplane-hangar-2We take pride in all of our products, for all of our customers. This is one of the reasons that we are the trusted source for many governments and government-run organizations for storage, shelter and more in community spaces, development locations and even military sites. The Canadian Armed Forces Government Defence Unit, City of Toronto Government Services and the Government of Canada Federal Government Services are among some of our government –based customers.

The City of Toronto

As the backbone of the public services and spaces in our communities, it is vital for municipal governments to have the adequate equipment they require, and a safe, secure way of storing it. The City of Toronto finds many uses for our steel buildings including storage, shelter and aesthetic. Our buildings are perfect for the storage of salt, shovels and other ice-removal tools used on the city’s roads and sidewalks. In addition to snow removal products and tools, the city also uses our steel buildings to house some of their snow removal vehicles such as plows and trucks, putting them closer to assigned routes.

Our structures can be found all over the city, providing coverage for walking paths at hospitals, shelter for service vehicles and more. Our opened sided buildings are often used to provide shelter from the sun to athletes on soccer fields, baseball fields and basketball courts. They are also used to provide shelter from the sun on walking trails, in parks, and in picnic areas.

Federal Government

Similar to the municipal government, the Canadian Federal Government uses our buildings for storage of property maintenance tools and vehicles. Our steel buildings and structures are also used on the construction sites of government funded or contracted projects. These types of buildings house construction and building materials as well as the tools that are kept on site.

Canadian Armed Forces Government Defence Department

The Canadian Armed Forces Government Defence Unit uses our buildings to provide safe, secure storage of their vehicles and equipment. Our buildings are also perfect to place throughout training facilities for use as shelter in hot sun or wet conditions.

We are proud to be the choice for steel building storage solutions and more for our local and federal governments.

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