A Man Cave Garage to Call Your Own

Man caves have been preserving male sanity since the age of Neanderthals but these days if you spend too much time in a cave people will talk. This leaves the modern man with very few places to call his own, but we’ve come up with the perfect solution, a man cave garage.

Your home may not have any private space left but chances are your backyard has space for a garage. An arch-style steel building is the ideal solution for your man cave project and here’s why:

  • They Look Cool – A rule of thumb is if your man cave matches the colors of your wife’s flowers then you can’t watch football in it. Future Buildings’ steel buildings have a refined manly look with 100% Galvalume Plus™ steel arches and durable bolts to finish it off.

  • You Build it Yourself – One of the greatest features of our steel buildings is that it’s designed to be built by you the owner. Every piece comes pre-cut and drilled. Once you pour the concrete slab it’s just a matter of bolting it all together. This weekend project is a great opportunity to help a couple of your friends escape the mundane, build your garage, and enjoy a few refreshing beverages.
  • You Get What You Want – Enjoy this when you can… Since we manufacture steel buildings ourselves, we’re able to work with your size, building code, and accessory requirements.

  • “It’s just a garage…” – For many of us the hardest part of this whole process is getting approval from our significant other. That’s where the “It’s just a garage” argument comes in. Your significant other doesn’t need to know how many fridges, big screen tv’s, or tattered couches you plan on including in this “garage”. We at Future Buildings are here for you every step of the way so we’ve created a list of reasons why you need this garage and recommend copying them onto cue cards in case a surprise death stare catches you like a deer in the headlights.
    • We could use the extra storage space.
    • It will protect our cars and their resale value
    • I can store tools in it to finish those projects around the house (you can hide from responsibilities in the man cave later)
    • You’d rather not have me in the house anyways

Good luck and remember “it’s just a garage”!

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