Little Known Facts About Metal Buildings – And Why They Matter!

Metal BuildingsMetal buildings are growing in popularity, and many people want to know more about them. Here are a few facts about steel buildings and why those realities are important to our lives.  


When it comes to recycling, steel is king. This has huge positive impact on the conservation of resources like energy and water. Because steel is lighter than many other building materials, the cost of transportation is lower when the components of metal buildings are shipped to various locations.

When you’re installing metal buildings, you’ll be interested to know that:

  • More steel than any other product is taken from the solid waste stream that is headed to landfills than any other material; steel is easy to remove from other waste with magnets.
  • 88 percent of all steel in North America is recycled.
  • Steel can be recycled continually with no adverse effects to the material, and it can be used for multiple applications.
  • When three tons of new steel are produced, two of those tons are sourced from old steel.


Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all building materials, and is extremely durable. It is estimated that steel has a strength-to-weight ratio 25 times greater than wood, which means that a building made of steel is not only much stronger than the same building made of wood but it is many times lighter.

The tensile and compressive strength as well as the elasticity of steel is excellent. In other words, it can be formed into an arch, when the outside surface is stretched and the inside surface is compressed. As a result, steel lends itself to bending, which is why our prefabricated steel buildings work so well.

Steel Roofs and Doors

The roofs of our prefabricated metal buildings are steel, which is better than asphalt tiles because they are:

  • Resistant and almost unbreakable in the face of heavy rain, hail, strong winds, snow, ice, and fire.
  • Lighter than asphalt roofs.
  • Last longer than asphalt; 50 years as opposed to 17 years.

In addition, steel doors provide up to ten times more protection against intruders than wooden doors. Termites are not attracted to steel doors or walls as they are to wooden ones, and steel doors don’t warp, crack, rot, twist, settle or split. Because steel is non-porous, mould and mildew cannot grow on it. Metal buildings are pretty much impervious to all pests. 

The Facts Prove that Steel is Best

Steel is proven to be one of the most economical, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting of all building materials. If you’re interested in installing a prefabricated steel building, contact Future Buildings by calling 1 (905) 477-1894 or 1-800-668-5111 or complete our online inquiry form or request a quote. We supply steel building kits to buyers in Canada, the USA, and around the world

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