Increase the Interior Space of Your Steel Building with a Garage

commercial2-cfbOffice space, storage, and a workshop are just some of the uses a steel building can have. As businesses grow and needs change over time, you may need to add more space to your steel building. A garage mezzanine can easily provide you with the extra space you need without having to expand your existing steel building or build an additional one.

Constructing a garage mezzanine

A mezzanine is not an overly complex addition to your existing building. However, you still have to be precise in your installation to assure safety and usability. First take careful notes on the height of the interior of your steel building. The mezzanine has to be high enough that it doesn’t get in the way so objects can be stored underneath, or people could walk without ducking. As well, you want to make sure there is enough space to stand since your original steel building design may not have accounted for a mezzanine. You can also access the mezzanine with stairs, a ladder, lift, or ramp – whichever suits your needs, function and layout in the steel building.

It can be built free standing with its own support columns and beams or attached to your existing building frame to provide support. Once the framework has been built at the proper height the floor is then installed and reinforced.

Uses of garage mezzanines

  • Office space: This is a great way to add an office, regardless if you use your steel building as a workshop, auto mechanic room, start-up business and more. The office will have its own space and still leave room to continue working on your projects. Remember that you can design your office space to be enclosed so you can increase privacy and limit the amount of dust from the warehouse or noise from the rest of the office.
  • Storage: Mezzanines can provide enough space to store animal feeds, company products, or items you’d store in your car garage such as tires, tools, etc. They may not be items you use every day, but they’re organized and kept safe from damage when you do need them.
  • Sports facilities: Indoor arenas could benefit from mezzanines if you need a space for broadcasters, or even storing field equipment such as soccer and hockey nets, pylons, fitness equipment, and others. This is an advantage if the field is used for different sports and need a space to store equipment in between different games.
  • Warehouse or industrial space: You may sell seasonal items like garden plants and equipment, or need space to keep additional inventory such as furniture. Garage mezzanine offers the perfect space to keep the rest of your steel building tidy by storing seasonal items.


Future Buildings can help you get the perfect sized steel building for your carport, warehouse, office, workshop, sports arena or commercial space. You can design your space as big or as small as you want, and have room for a mezzanine to add extra space to your building. Contact us to select your building or for more information on steel building designs and sizes.

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