How to Build your Own Gym

Exercise has become an integral part of many people’s lives. Today, the concept of working out, exercising and being healthy is no longer just limited to extreme bodybuilding fanatics, but has extended to become a lifestyle choice for many Canadians. Many choose to build their own home gym, housing the equipment they specifically need, all while never leaving the comfort of their own space. Unfortunately most homes aren’t built to accommodate all your exercise needs. This is why constructing your own home gym via an external steel building is becoming more and more popular. Below are some pointers on how to build your own gym.

metal building home gym

Decide on Size

Like any building, you first need to decide where to build it. You want to be close enough to your home while also being in an area of flat ground for easy construction. When it comes to size, you need to think about the types of equipment you are going to need in your exercise room. Will you need room for a treadmill, elliptical machine, barbell, weights, bench, leg press machine etc.? You need to visualize what equipment is going to be in your weight room and decide on a realistic amount of space to accommodate it all.

Some of the best athletes trained in a fitness room no larger than a two car garage! Our recommendation is to build a space no smaller than 20’x 30’ in order to accommodate your exercise equipment, have enough space to walk between machines and to have enough space for a lounge area for your post workout cool down.

Decide on Building Features

Everyone has their own preferences on how they like to work out. Some like to be strictly indoors with mirrors on the walls, while others like a setting that connects you to the outdoors. The beauty of a prefabricated steel building is that it can be built to accommodate both of these design needs.

Many opt for their external home gym to have a functional garage door for easy access outside. This is great for working out on a nice summer day, so you can bring the outdoors inside with you. This is also a great way to easily move some of your workout equipment outside. Nothing beats bringing your bench and weights outside for an hour and getting a good lift in.

As well, many decide to have multiple windows installed on their building to create a connection with the outdoors and allow plenty of natural light inside. You will also want plenty of ventilation to keep the air fresh and clean. There is also opportunity to have your walls insulated to keep the exercise room temperature controlled, for comfortable workouts year round.

Make the Space Your Own

Most importantly, make this space motivating. Install a good sound system to blast your favourite tunes, put up pictures of your favourite athletes, and any other items you feel will motivate you to work your hardest.

Overall, an external home gym can easily be built using a prefabricated steel building. You design every aspect of your fitness building, and will have more space than you ever would have inside your home.

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