How to Build a Steel Car Port


For many of us, our vehicles are very close to our heart. The problem with cars, trucks, RV’s– any automobile – is that they don’t like being exposed to the elements. Thanks to our Canadian climate, we see all types of weather from extreme snow, to massive heat waves and everything in-between. Therefore, many decide to build a steel car port in order to alleviate some of the wear-and-tear caused by our unique Canadian weather. Below are some pointers for building a steel car port, and some important aspects to consider when planning your build.

Know its Use

First, you need to consider what vehicles you’re going to store under this car port. Get yourself the exact dimensions of your car or truck and use that information to plan out the amount of space you will need. You want to have enough room so that you can easily drive your car in and out without dodging pillars, nor do you want your roof to be so low that your car antenna bends backwards every time you park inside of it. Know exactly what you will be using your steel car port for, and plan accordingly.


“X” Marks the Spot

When building a steel car port, you must consider the build location. You want to position your car port in such a way that it will get optimal use, allow for easy access and look like it belongs as a feature of your property. Also, think about the surrounding features in the area. You may wish to place your car port away from large trees so that leaves do not blow in, and you may want to position it so that it’s not too close to the road to limit dirt and dust debris.

Determine the Dimensions

Do you want it to be large enough to store two vehicles? Tall enough to store your boat or RV? These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself when building a steel car port. You don’t want it to be too big, nor too small, therefore careful consideration on its size is necessary.


Do You Want It Enclosed?

Think about whether or not you want your car port to have walls, or if you wish to have it completely open all around. You may want one or two sides covered in sheet metal, and others open to add some further protection to the structure. You may even want your steel carport connected to the side of your home to serve as an enclosed wall on one side of the port. Walls are great for adding storage shelves and hanging tools and equipment.

Customize it!

Last but not least, customize it. Make your steel car port look nice! You can always paint it to match your home, maybe add a few skylights, run some power into the structure – make this carport a good looking investment!

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