Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Future Buildings provide installation or building services?

    No. We manufacture and supply the unassembled building kits and deliver them to your location.

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  • Can I erect the buildings myself? How long will it take?

    Yes. A basic, uncomplicated building kit can certainly be a do-it-yourself project over the course of a weekend with help from a few friends. Larger structures with more complicated engineering may require more skilled help and take longer depending on size and complexity.

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  • What type of tools and equipment will I need to erect the buildings?

    The basic hand tools that would likely already be in the average do-it-yourselfer’s toolbox will be needed along with chains or ropes for lifting the arches. In some cases, a forklift is required to off-load the building pallets at the time of delivery.

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  • What are the insulation options for the steel and metal buildings?

    We sell a pin and cap vapor-lock insulation system that is pre-cut and custom fit to your building. It is available in R13 or R19/R20 values to suit your requirements.

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  • What accessories does Future Buildings provide for customizing steel buildings?

    Along with the pin and cap insulation systems, we also offer industrial base plates, skylights, commercial-grade ventilation devices such as roof turbine vents and wall louver vents, standard ready-to-install man doors, and double sliding doors.

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  • How long will my steel and metal buildings and kits last?

    Our buildings are designed to last many decades and come with a 40-year warranty against rust perforation in normal non-coastal climates.

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  • How to maintain steel and metal buildings?

    A steel or metal building is quite low maintenance, requiring very little in the way of physical upkeep except for the removal of debris that can collect on the roof.

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  • What are the foundation requirements for prefab steel and metal buildings?

    We do not include a foundation with our structures. If you choose to add a foundation, we recommend one of these styles:

    a. Permanent – A concrete base foundation is a floating foundation with an 18” wide and 18” deep footer creating a “U-Groove” formation into which the building is grouted

    b. Portable – Unique to our style of building, a portable foundation is made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel and affixed to a solid floating foundation. The building is then assembled and bolted directly onto this base plate.

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  • What can I use prefab steel buildings for?

    Our customers have used their steel buildings for a variety of reasons, including:

    • GARAGES for every kind of vehicle
    • WORKSHOPS and STUDIOS for any hobby or repairs
    • FIELD AND FARM BUILDINGS to house livestock, agricultural machinery, grains and crops
    • CABINS for hunters and cottagers
    • ROOFING SYSTEMS to work as carports, shelters and walkways
    • WAREHOUSES for commercial and industrial businesses
    • SEACAN and CONTAINER COVERS to act as efficient shelters and work and storage spaces
    • HANGARS for any size of aircraft
    • SMALL BUSINESSES for every possible use
    • MUNICIPAL BUILDINGS for storage and garages

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  • What are Future Buildings’ roofing solutions in terms of container covers?

    We engineer a practical solution for valuable and sheltered space with container covers. Arches are assembled in varying widths – 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60 feet and any length – and affixed using our mounting plates to standard shipping containers (Seacans, Conex boxes, cargo containers). Many customers opt to close one or both ends with end walls, making it an even more protected space for personal or business use.

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  • Why are no prices listed?

    Each project is unique, and each structure must be designed to suit your location and building purpose. This can also include things like local snow and seismic load requirements. Any accessories added to the structure will also impact the price. For this reason, there is no default pricing. Instead, we work on guaranteed True Pricing, meaning your structure is priced exactly to your needs and specifications.

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