Steel Buildings Serve as the Perfect Livestock Shelter

image0If you have a pet or two at home, you know that they need to have a warm, clean place to sleep. If you keep animals commercially, then you need to take really good care of your livestock and this includes adequate livestock shelter. There are several options out there but a steel livestock shelter is the best one for several reasons;

  • Steel is tough so livestock shelters made of steel will be able to hold the largest and strongest of bulls, horses and other livestock
  • Long-lasting so it will be a long time before you need to have repairs done on your livestock shelter
  • Secure meaning that if you add a strong lock, your livestock will always be safe in the shelter
  • Can be insulated to ensure that the livestock are adequately warm during the cold seasons.

Buildings of the Future

There are different types of options of steel buildings and this goes for livestock shelters as well. You can choose the livestock shelter that is right for you in size. Those that use the arch construction system make it possible for a structure to be added as business grows. This is the kind of livestock shelter that Future Buildings offers. As you bring in more livestock, you can increase the size of your livestock shelter by simply adding arches. You will not need to start all over again and put down the shelter you have to have a bigger one put up.

Custom made 

You will also like the fact that Future Buildings offers customized steel buildings. This means that your livestock shelter can be put up to make the best use of available space, no matter how tight it is. Just like with business premises, every little bit of available space must be used to bring in returns. The company also ensures 100% usability of interior space.

Apart from being custom-made, you can also get steel buildings that are very easy and fast to construct. Once you get your kit, you only need a few days and the help of a few friends and farm hands and your livestock shelter will be up and ready for use. 

As a business that is owned and operated by a family, Future Buildings understands the need to minimize cost and maximize returns. The factory at which the steel structures are made are owned by Future Buildings. This makes it possible for them to pass on the benefit of lower, factory prices.  

Every other structure 

Apart from livestock shelter, there are other buildings that will be needed on a farm. You can also get barns, maintenance sheds and workshops made of steel at very affordable prices. You can also get steel equipment sheds for large equipment like tractors, trucks, harvesters and others.

Quality guaranteed

When you choose a steel structure from Future Buildings, you get a long-time warranty. All the steel buildings are made of trade-marked Galvalume Plus steel. It can resist rust up to seven times better than galvanized steel and steel buildings that are made using it are 3 to 6 times thicker than conventional steel buildings. Customers get a 40-year rust perforation warranty. You also get a structure that is completely non-combustible and that has perfect heat reflectivity which keeps the structure cool during warmer months.

Every livestock shelter and other steel building comes with a detailed building and foundation drawing that is stamped and has the certification of a professional engineer who is licensed in your area. Building specialists and engineers will ensure that you will only pay for what you really need for your structure, rather than general plans.

If you have any questions at any point during installation, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-668-5111 or Request a free quote today!

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