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Steel Building Case Study: Norman Hardie Winery

Norman Hardie Winery Steel BuildingWe have had a wide variety of projects here at Future Buildings. Our buildings are chosen by our customers for residential, agricultural and commercial uses because of their versatility, durability and beauty. The Norman Hardie winery, located in Prince Edward County is one of our favourite commercial projects to date. 

The Winery 

After earning his sommelier certificate, Norman Hardie worked at a high-end hotel for several years. With the burning desire to be a winemaker, he left his job to travel the world and learn from the best. After apprenticing in France, California, New Zealand, Oregon and South Africa, Norman came to realize that the best place to produce some of the finest wines in the world was in his own backyard, right here in southern Ontario. 

The Norman Hardie wine collection has gathered outstanding reviews locally, nationally and internationally from some of the most renowned wine critics in the world. The wines are served in some of the most premium, high-end restaurants and wine boutiques in the world including New York, Montreal, Alberta, London, Tokyo, and of course across its home province of Ontario. 

The County

Prince Edward County is a beautiful region in rural southern Ontario where traditional agriculture is the pillar, enriched by a quickly developing wine industry. The quaintness paired with the small-town charm are surely reasons why Norman chose to start his business here. Prince Edward County’s unique island community has maintained an irreplaceable attractiveness and the virtual isolation has cultivated a distinctive rustic culture. 

The Building

When Norman was deciding on a design for his building, he noticed that the community around him was notable for its big, beautiful barns. When we caught up with Norman, he said “We looked at the beautiful, magnificent modern lines of the Future Steel building and said ‘this is going to be perfect.’” Norman really wanted to fit in with his community, so choosing a sharp, eye-catching design from Future Buildings seemed to be a no-brainer for him and his team.

The Norman Hardie winery building is a beautiful red-brown barn that fits in perfectly with the rustic community of Prince Edward County. The different consumer spaces inside the barn are elegant and sophisticated, finished with hardwood floors and modern, industrial-like concrete walls. Elevated to create more space, a loft area is used as a tasting bar for customers and guests complete with a walkout to an outdoor patio, which is perfect for enjoying a glass of wine and a fresh slice of pizza made in their on-site, wood-fire pizza oven.

Ten years later, Norman is still happy with his choice to go with a steel building from Future Buildings saying, “I think we’ve created a beautiful place in a very economically efficient way.”

The Service

“Future Steel Buildings, I have to say, they were just amazing to work with. Everything from A to Z was completed with tremendous competency and expertise,” said Norman. Although we were elated to hear this, we weren’t at all surprised. We strive for complete satisfaction for all of our clients, no matter their project size.

The options for your new steel building are truly endless, and this project is only a testament to that. Working with Norman and his team was an amazing experience, and we’re so glad we could be a part of making the dreams he had for his winery a reality. 

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