Our 6 Most Common Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings & Their Differences

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Browse from a variety of pre-engineered steel buildings whether you need one as a barn, storage buildings, farming, sports centre, carport and more. Decide which building is best for your needs, business, projects, and more because no matter what type of pre-engineered steel building you order, they all come with factory direct pricing, an easy DIY construction, and they’re durable and guaranteed.

We suggest specific types of buildings for different industries and uses, for example, an “A” style steel building is ideal for storing animal feed and hay on barns. However, other buildings can fit your needs just as well, and even be customized.

Here are our different style of buildings you can choose from:

A Style

“A” style buildings are the most conventional of the styles due to its straight sides and peaked roof. These buildings can vary in length from shallow to unlimited. That unlimited length can serve you well as a garage or workshop.

Anything that would require you to walk around, or have space, can also work inside an “A” style building. For example, these kinds of buildings can give you ample space for storing extraordinarily long vehicles like campers, or even boats.

X Style

“X” style buildings also have a sloped wall and peaked roof. That slope gives them a little more width, which in turn gives them more interior space. These types of buildings can work much as the “A” style buildings do.

The main difference is that extra width. You can do a lot more inside of such buildings. They’re ideal for holding equipment to use as a repair or even industrial shop. They’re also good as studios and even as full-fledged smaller stores.

S Style

“S” style buildings have straight sidewalls and a clear span arch roof. That roof differentiates these buildings from other types. It allows you to use a larger entry as well as more space along the width of the building. That way you can store large things along the sidewalls.

“S” styles are also good to use as dwellings. The roof and wideness means these buildings can accommodate things like entrances, windows, and additions that can make it serve as residence.

Q Style

“Q” style buildings are a very familiar style to many. These are traditional Quonset hut style buildings. These are single radius, clear span arch buildings.

“Q” style is great for any larger indoor structure, such as a sporting or activity center. However, where these styles really stand out is in agricultural applications. “Q” styles have a long history of use as barns, warehouses, and agricultural storage.

T Style

“T” style buildings are open-sided, and only have a partial arch. The open side can have a support structure, or the building can use an existing structure for support. These open buildings can house vehicles, livestock, and work well as service facilities.

They’re especially nice as an outdoor area in front of a facility’s entrance. As a service area, they can a sense of openness as an adjunct to your main commercial building.

R Style

“R” style buildings have a single radius clear span arch, but it utilizes a low profile structure. These types of buildings have more of a freestanding profile than others do. They work well for coverage, as they are more of a roofing system. If you want a permanent cover over something, such as a pool or an outdoor rink, then the “R” style will work perfectly for you.

Choose a style that works best for you, whether you need one for commercial or personal use. We offer a wide selection of pre-engineered steel buildings from garages and carports to warehouses and hangars, so there’s a style for everyone. Tell us what you need and request a quote today.

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