How Future Buildings can Make a Difference With Steel and Metal Farm Buildings

Every agricultural operator understands the importance of good, sound, hard-working steel farm buildings to house livestock, produce, equipment and vehicles. Being able to order those buildings, at the right price, can make the difference between a good year and a bad year. When you need steel farm buildings, your first and only call should be to Future Buildings.


Livestock and equipment needs protection from the elements, so barns are a must for most operators. The trussless arch format of Future Steel’s farm buildings maximizes interior space availability, because every inch of floor area is available for use; no supports or corner pieces obstruct access or take up space. Sturdy and stable, the design is warm and dry when enclosed, just like the more traditional construction styles, but offers massively increased potential for access and stock management.

Future Buildings’ barns offer an ideal combination of immediate benefits and eventual add-on potential. Because our barns are manufactured as trussless arches, they can be enlarged to when needs dictate expansion. This format is ideal for barns, allowing for total internal space exploitation – the builds can be used side-to-side, end-to-end and floor-to-roof to accommodate stalls, battery enclosures, or whatever your needs dictate. Equally, they can accommodate racks, dust abatement framing and workshop equipment, if your barn is used for storage, spraying or mechanical work.

Further, this architectural style can be fabricated in any length, so all types of farm machinery, even multiple 18-wheelers, can be pulled in and protected from harsh sunlight or brutal winters. As your business grows, you’ll be able to expand your existing structure width-wise, or length-wise, with one phone call to Future Buildings on (905) 477-1894, or 1-800-668-5111.

Storage Buildings

If your needs dictate a more conventional building style, Future Steel has you covered there, also. Eaved roof designs, and Dutch barn layouts afford floor-to-ceiling storage potential right into every corner, with perfectly upright walls which can accommodate palletized goods as well as closely-parked vehicles. With large sliding doors, even the biggest harvesters and highest container trailers can be pulled in with ease. Sliding door assemblies can be ordered for the trussless arch design, also.

Farm and Field

Of course, not all steel farm buildings are located close to the farm/ranch house (or other center of operations). Out in the field, operators need stock and equipment shelters, pump houses and other secure steel farm buildings capable of protecting valuable assets from sticky fingers as much as from the elements.

Future Buildings’ steel farm buildings are perfect for such purposes, and can be erected over packed earth or concrete slabs with equal ease. Once again, arched construction allows us to fill orders for buildings of any length.

Further Benefits

Using Future Buildings’ steel farm buildings also means:

  • Custom designs, created for each individual customer, by our in-house engineers, built with both your requirements and budget in mind.
  • Low cost always guaranteed, whether your project is large or small, because the savings we make by manufacturing all the buildings we sell can be passed on to the customer. Remember, we also hold a stock of prefabricated buildings that can often be sold at an appreciably lower cost than custom fabricated contracts.

Steel farm buildings really make a difference when it comes to designing and ordering your new steel farm and ranch buildings. Use the Contact Us today to learn more, and to arrange a pricing consultation, or click here to order your free brochure.

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