Comparing Metal Building Choices: Questions to Ask Before You Buy

A wide range of choices are available when it comes to metal or steel buildings – but not all metal buildings or their manufacturers are created equal, and you shouldn’t settle for mediocrity. To help you find the best metal building possible, we’ve put together a list of key points to consider and questions to ask before investing in a building kit.

Metal Building Designs

From storage buildings and garages to carports and garden sheds – with so many uses for steel buildings, you’ll want to decide on the specific function and purpose of your steel building to get a product that fits your needs. Some key questions to ask may include:

  • Do the size and style choices meet your needs?
  • How versatile is the building’s use?
    • Could it be modified if you want to use it for another purpose down the road?

Future Buildings engineers design buildings guaranteed to meet atmospheric load requirements for your local area and are licensed across 60 jurisdictions in North America.

Metal Building Durability

The overall caliber and life of your metal building depend largely on the quality of the materials used and their resistance to corrosion. It’s important to evaluate:

  • The type of steel your metal building may be made from, such as:
  • Tubular/light gauge steel;
  • Solid/heavy gauge steel;
  • Plain carbon (mild) steel;
  • Red iron (structural) steel;
  • Galvanized steel;
  • Galvalume steel

Your location should also be factored in when it comes to the durability of a steel building – consider the following:

  • How long can the metal building be expected to last?
  • Will the building withstand the weather in your area?
  • What type of maintenance will be required?

Future Buildings kits are custom-designed to handle everything you do, from tough Canadian winters to hot southern summers.

Company Guarantees and Warranties

The promises of the company you’re buying your building kit from are sometimes just as important as the kit itself. For example:

  • Does your building kit come with a warranty?
    • How long does it last and what does it cover?
  • Are building prices accurate for the product you will receive?
  • What certifications, qualifications and experience does the company, or its employees have?
  • Has the company been around as long, or longer, than their warranty?

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Customer Experience and Trust

It’s one thing for a manufacturer to claim they have the best metal building, but it’s important to read feedback from customers just like you. Take the time to browse testimonials from customers who bought a steel building and see how the company’s reviews stack up. Look for clues about the following:

  • Did the final purchase cost match the original quote given?
  • Were customers satisfied with the ease of assembling their DIY building kit?
  • Is the company available for troubleshooting or help with follow-up questions or concerns?
  • Was the communication and customer service satisfactory, or even exceptional?

Knowing and asking the right questions before buying can save you valuable time and money, giving you even more enjoyment from your building.

As industry leading experts in custom steel structures with our own manufacturing facility, Future Buildings delivers steel buildings designed and made just for you – at factory-direct prices.

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