Why Businesses Choose Pre-Engineered Commercial Metal Buildings

Each year, the number of businesses using prefabricated steel buildings increases. Between 75-80% of new commercial and business construction consists of steel buildings. This versatile material has dominated the commercial construction space, and for a good reason. Unlike buildings made of traditional materials such as wood and brick, steel buildings can fit nearly any application. … READ ARTICLE

Everything You Need to Know About Quonset Hut

Quonset huts have been in use since the early 1940s. Today, you can find a Quonset hut for sale online. There are more designs and styles in use today to help accommodate the variety of residential and commercial applications all over the world. How Did the Quonset Huts Start? The first Quonset hut was made … READ ARTICLE

7 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a New Metal Carport

metal carport buildingPurchasing a metal carport is an easy decision for anyone that wants to protect their vehicles, RVs, trucks, farm equipment and more. These practical solutions can keep your investment safe from outdoor wear and tear elements, and also serve various other functions. However, not every metal carport you come across will be desirable. It is essential … READ ARTICLE

Ordering a Custom Steel Building – What to Expect

Whether you’re looking at a new garage, she-shed, man cave, workshop – or virtually any other stand-alone building – choosing a custom building allows you to have a say in nearly every aspect of your project. Learn where to start, and what you can expect working with the Future Buildings team when you order a … READ ARTICLE

5 Steel Building Kit Safety Benefits

We know and share safety as a top priority when planning your building project – whether you’re adding a new garage, workshop, storage shed or other type of outbuilding. Steel building kits afford you and your belongings a high level of protection and reliability. Read on to learn more about our steel building safety benefits: … READ ARTICLE

How Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Beat Other Construction Types

Are you looking to become the new owner of a pre-engineered steel building? Prefab metal buildings have become the go-to choice for modern builders for a variety of reasons. Unlike traditional structures that rely on conventional labor-intensive construction methods that leave a lot to finish on site, prefabs come already cut to size. This leaves … READ ARTICLE

An Update for our Family, Friends and Customers

Future Buildings is here for our essential services – and for you! Future Buildings would like to take the opportunity to send our family, friends and customers our best wishes during these uncertain times. More than ever we are grateful to be able to do our part during this critical time and manufacture efficient, quick-build … READ ARTICLE

Questions to Ask Yourself When Ordering a Steel Building Kit

Considering ordering a custom steel building kit? Learn some of the questions you’ll want to ask yourself throughout the design and ordering process to maximize the potential and benefits of your new steel building! 1. How will I use my steel building? Whether you want to use your building for a garage, storing recreational vehicles … READ ARTICLE

Top 10 Steel Building Kit FAQs

If you’re thinking about adding a building to your residential, farm or even commercial property, we understand you probably have many questions about how the process works, as well as what the benefits are of choosing a custom steel building kit for your project. Get the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions … READ ARTICLE